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A patent is an exclusive right granted in respect of an invention, which may be a product or a process that provides a new and inventive way of doing something, or offers a new and inventive technical solution to a problem. The most common and effective way of protecting an invention is by obtaining a patent. Patent rights are granted in return for the inventor´s full disclosure of the technology to the public in the patent application.


We offer our clients comprehensive legal advice on all patent related matters. We moreover handle validations of European Patents in Iceland, payment of patent annuities in Iceland and all recordals to the Icelandic Patent Office in relation to patents.



We handle all validations of European Patents in Iceland. A validation process is required in order for a European patent to become valid in Iceland. When a European patent has been issued, the owner has four months to file a translation to validate it nationally. If the patent is in English, title and claims have to be translated to Icelandic. If the patent is in French or German, however, an English translation of the description and any text in figures must also be filed. Our translations are performed by experts who are specialized within different fields, text types, and language combinations to ensure the outmost quality. The validation process requires specialized knowledge of formalities, filing requirements and language, as well as unified routines.

Clients represented by GH Sigurgeirsson Intellectual Property do not have to file a Power of Attorney to the Icelandic Patent Office.


We handle all recordals to the Icelandic Patent Office in relation to patents. We work closely with the authority to ensure an efficient process at our end.

Patent Annuities

We handle payment of patent annuities in Iceland. We appreciate that security is one of the main concerns of patent owners and take great care in offering full security to clients that leave their patents to be maintained by us.